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Feb, 28, 2022

BOTINKIT - Build food robots with " Hardware + Content "


Shirley Chen, CEO of BOTINKIT, believes that the replacement of robots to reduce costs and increase efficiency is just the starting point. In the new software and hardware terminals, a new and subversive food scene will be born. The change in the food industry will be no less than that of new energy vehicles and electronic cigarettes.

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First of all, hardware products, Botin Robot constantly launched technology, focus on the scene level user experience and product reliability. In terms of hardware design, the previous schemes such as mechanical arm are abandoned. The design adopted not only ensures the efficiency of dish delivery, but also improves reliability and reduces BOM cost.

Secondly, the software system, Botin Gallery software content platform created by non-stop technology as the "brain" of the robot. Together with Botin Robot, the software and hardware terminal is formed to digitally present the food process, realize the creation of digital food, and reproduce across time and regional constraints.

Finally, Botin Bota, an online robot built by constant technology, can analyze the operation data of catering stores in real time and provide guidance for their fine operation. Through the combination of Botin Robot+Botin Gallery+Botin Bota, Non-stop technology can provide customers with overall taste solutions.

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