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Jul, 30, 2022

BOTINKIT WINNED 2022 The iLuxury Awards

iluxury awards.jpg

About The iLuxury Awards

The iLuxury Awards is created by the International Awards Associate as a benchmark for seeking out the best brands that sets itself apart from the mainstream.  From limited-time runs to one-off commissions, the awards program is created for those in the upper echelons of high-society who crave and enjoy the finer things in life.

Indulging in services of luxurious entertainment, the award specifies only the best accolades, traversing across sectors of advertising, designs, brands, goods and services.  Distinctively, eulogize the resplendent values of your luxury branding, embarking on a journey of exclusivity in the fields of communication, branding, marketing, real estate & property, travel, cosmetics, electrical apparatuses, jewelry, leather goods, furniture, housewares, clothing, fancy goods, luxurious toys, sporting goods, food, beverages;  services incorporating entertainment, transportation, hotel, restaurant, beauty, alongside personal ministrations.

Be a part of the upper class of echelons that glimmer indefinitely under the spotlight.

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