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Aug. 14, 2023

BOTINKIT collaborates with the British audio company Echoic Audio to create a completely new sound for the products


Echoic Audio is a music and sound design studio based in the heart of Bristol.

Echoic Audio has won multiple awards and has collaborated with top animation studios, creative agencies, and advertising directors to create exceptional audio for advertisements, films, art, and digital experiences.


They offer their services to a wide range of prestigious brands, including BBC, IWC, Aston Martin, Microsoft, Estée Lauder, Samsung, Bose, EA Sports, ASUS, IBM, Dyson, Nubia, Adidas, Nike, Jaguar, Louis Vuitton, Boeing, Mercedes-Benz, Intel, McLaren, and many others.


Echoic Audio has collaborated with us to create five distinct sounds for our product, including startup, shutdown, wake-up, notification, and completion sounds.

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