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Apr, 28, 2022

BOTINKIT Winned U.S.A MUSE Gold design award

About The Muse DesignAwards

The Muse Design Awards is an international design competition that recognizes and celebrates outstanding creative achievements in various design fields.  It aims to honor and promote exceptional design works that demonstrate innovation, creativity, and excellence.


The award program covers a wide range of design categories, including but not limited to product design, website design, logo design, graphic design, packaging design, and interior design.  It caters to professionals, emerging designers, and students who have made significant contributions to the design industry.

Recipients of the Muse Design Awards gain numerous benefits, including widespread media coverage, inclusion in an annual winners’ publication, participation in exhibitions and events, and networking opportunities with industry professionals.  The Muse Design Awards serves as a platform for designers to showcase their talent, creativity, and dedication, while also inspiring others in the design community.

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