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Group Meal


DEBO Meal Group

DEBO Meal Group is the leading group meal service provider in China. Its clients include enterprises, schools, hospitals, military, exhibition organizers and exhibitors, etc.

“Although it is great to have many customers, various demands from the customers are tough nuts. Previously, the chefs we hired did not solve our problems in the right way, not to mention all the trouble of hiring nutritionists. Now with one robot, all of these issues are solved.”

--Head of the hospital customer of DEBO Meal Group

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How to meet the diverse needs from different groups of customers? 

The number of customers in enterprises, military, and exhibitions is huge and their preferences are different. Thus, it is very challenging to ensure both quantity and quality (i.e. good taste) while with limited budget.

In addition, hygienic and nutrient food is in prior demand for schools, hospitals, and nursing homes.



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