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Jan. 05, 2023

BOTINKIT in collaboration with Swiss industrial designer Fabrice Gonet


Fabrice GONET has worked with Chopard, Piaget and Benz.

  • Fabrice Gonet began training with designer Serge Rabassa at Desartech SA at the age of 16, where he found jewelry and watches.

  • In 1992, he joined Hysek Styling, the then industry leader, and continued to receive designer training. During this period, Fabrice Gonet established a solid expertise in tabulation with well-known brands.

  • In 2000, he co-founded the design studio Team Styling SA with Jorg Hysek and Val é rie Ursenbacher, and continued to cooperate with participants in the watchmaking industry.

  • In 2005, they cooperated with Jorg Hysek and Val é rie Ursenbacher to create an independent brand: HD3 Complexion, and developed several innovative advanced watch products.

  • From 2011 to 2015, he continued to carry out the artistic revolution in Slyde Watch, participated in the conceptual design of the first Swiss touch screen electronic watch, and became the artistic director of the brand. He is jointly developing a unique and revolutionary system to create the first virtual mechanical movement and the first digital flywheel in the history of watchmaking.

The Designer's past work
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Designer's hope for BOTINKIT
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