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BOTINKIT, named after "Robot in Kitchen", is a food-tech start-up based in Shenzhen, China. Founded in 2021, our company is creating the first robot-based digital food ecosystem in the world. With this ecosystem, we are able to provide an all-in-one solution to both customers and growing restaurants via our BOTINKIT robots, BOTINKIT GALLERY and BOTINKIT BOTA.


We are a global team that consists of talents in the field of robot design, chemistry, algorithm, and branding. We also collaborate with universities, labs, independent advisors, and designers from all over the world to leverage our expertise and gain a competitive edge. We welcome talents worldwide to join us and commit to achieving the company's mission.


We are aimed to digitize the food-making and food-sharing by combining robot and computing flavor. With these new technologies, chefs, gourmet and even ordinary food lovers can think, create and automate how an authentically local or completely new food is supposed to be, inspiring unprecedented food creativity from global talents. Beyond that, we believe these digital foods from any place can be transferred to anywhere to anyone else at any time, making possible the ever-imagined Tele-Cooking.

Overall, in the next decade, we are revolutionizing the most traditional cooking via the most advanced technology, making a simpler, smarter and healthier cooking experience.

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